civil litigation
Successful litigation depends on 4 factors:
  • Process.
  • Preparation
  • Team Work.
  • Experience

Civil Litigation

Law remains to serve the best interests of the people.

When two or more individuals become entangled in a legal dispute which is not of a criminal nature, civil litigation is the outcome. We prefer to find a mutually just solution out of court, but where that is not feasible, we will start the civil ligation process.

Successful litigation relies on four simple components:

A strict process is vital and must be followed exactly to avoid delays, additional charges, and the issue can be finalised in the shortest time possible. No one likes a case to be dragged out.

Evidence is introduced in the form of documents and/or testimony. It is the key point of any legal case and we painstakingly prepare evidence and consider all eventualities. When we present the evidence to the judge, we want them to have a clear picture so that they can judge fairly and appropriately. We do not want to leave anything to chance.

Team Work
A number of people are associated with a civil litigation case (the judge, advocate, attorney and the parties involved) We work closely with all the parties involved and ensure everyone is kept up to date of any new developments. Even during this process, we will always strive for parties to reach an agreement out of court. This route will always be less time consuming, less costly and often times less stressful on the parties.

With 18 years experience, we are able to use our expert knowledge and understanding to help you solve your legal issues according to the relevant laws.


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