About us

Brett Lewis & Company are an innovative, straight-talking law firm that provides cost effective, tailored legal advice.

Brett Lewis & Company are a team of highly qualified and experienced legal professionals that each have their own unique skills and areas of experience.

We understand that the first few meetings with a lawyer often takes place during a highly stressful time, so our priority is to put our clients at ease and assure them that they have taken the first steps to solving their problem.

The legal process is only a small part of our practice. Providing sound advice and reassurance is as significant as drafting documents or acquiring facts. We know that the general public has reservations about consulting with lawyers, but we are transparent, friendly and keep the legal lingo to a bare minimum.

Our Mission

To put our client’s first, to take a genuine interest in their problems, understand their objectives, and to exceed their expectations. Your needs are unique and our key concern is listening carefully to those needs. We tailor solutions that suit your needs, circumstances and wallet.

We are transparent with our billing processes and ensure that our clients understand the process before engaging with us. We will keep you informed regarding the costs involved and try to keep these to a minimum. We believe in finding the best legal solutions and in long term relationships, so there will be no bills to catch you off guard. Legal advice doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Our Vision

Simply put, our focus is YOU. Your interests, your situation and your well-being is at the core of who we are. We know that the legal issues can often be confusing and sometimes downright scary. That’s where we step in! We provide transparent and cost-effective legal services and deliver them through a team of highly qualified and experienced legal expertise.

We do our best to make sure you feel comfortable with the documents and processes by explaining everything in layman’s terms. We will handle your legal issues as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping you in the loop.

Any questions?

We are committed to providing advice in an uncomplicated way, so if you have any questions give a call and we’ll walk you through your legal enquiry.

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Brett Lewis holds the degrees in B.Soc.Sci. and LLB. He then completed his articles at John Hudson & Company where he later became a partner. He has been practicing law since 1998 and has built up a flourishing practice in Durban. Brett’s clients trust him to deliver a hands-on approach to their legal issues.